In May 2018 our youngest team members Nathalie Demeestere & Lenie Van Hecke participated in the Young Marketers Competition organized by the Belgian creative cinema advertising agency Brightfish.


Every marketer under the age of 30 could participate with a colleague and follow 2 masterclasses: one on how to write an inspiring briefing for agencies by Marc Frederix (UBA, ex-Nationale Loterij) and Stéphane Buisseret (CEO Air). The second one was on ‘How to rock a presentation’ by Jorn Creaghs.
The competition consisted of two challenges. The first challenge was to think of a charity project for the company you work for and write a briefing for a creative agency. Each team had 3 days to submit their best briefing. The 5 best briefings were chosen to pitch their briefing to a 6 member jury of marketing specialists.
Our Stampix team was selected as one of the 5 finalists among AB Inbev, AD Delhaize, Colruyt Group and USG People.
What charity project did we choose?
Nathalie & Lenie: “As Stampix’ catchphrase is “Remember with pictures” it didn’t take us that long to thing about Alzheimers disease. Within our campaign the main focus was bringing two generations back together through photographs: the grandparents (the master babyboomers) and the grandchildren (the millennials and generation X/Z/…).
Our goal was to get the grandchildren to print pictures for the grandparents in order to stimulate their memory. Ultimately we want to motivate grandchildren to spend time together with their grandparents and bring them closer together.”
The pitching competition took off on May 15th and Lenie and Nathalie had prepared a 10 min pitch to blow following jury off their socks:
  • Marie-Noëlle De Greef (ING)
  • Joachim Rubin (Delhaize)
  • Hans Van Eemeren (BAM)
  • Marc Frederix
  • Stéphane Buisseret
  • Joanna Leung (Brightfish).
The first prize was for AB Inbev, but our young digital creatives came home with two out of the three awards (leaving the third and grand prize for AB Inbev):
  1. Best in Brand Love: Award for the best match between brand and charity.
  2. Best in Magic: Award for the most inspiring briefing to the creative agency


Why did you participate?

Nathalie: I like to challenge myself and try out things I haven’t done before. Especially pitching in front of a jury of marketing experts, that was going to give Lenie & I more feedback and input than in any regular occasion.
Lenie: As a young marketer it’s always fun to challenge yourself and inspiring to meet the young potentials from other companies.

What did you learn?

Nathalie: To work within a limited timeframe, to work as a team and to rely on our common sense, motivation and confidence. As well as getting creative and that a campaign should always be focused on positive emotions.
Lenie:  I mostly appreciated the feedback from the jury: they learned us to review every step, to always convince with positive emotions and to track our project from A to Z. And last but not least, I learned that stress isn’t necessary if you know what you’re talking about, right? And I definitely know that the complementarity with my colleague Nathalie is indispensable for our startup!

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