Make your customers smile.

Offer them personalised photo prints as a surprise from your brand.

The reward that lasts forever.

Retain and engage customers by offering personalised photo prints as a surprise from your brand.

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Either to boost your loyalty program or acquire & engage new customers, our photo reward solution will fit your brand’s strategy like a glove.


Take your loyalty program to the
next level

Most loyalty programs focus on discounts and vouchers, but after a few days, nobody remembers them. By offering Stampix Photo Rewards, your brand is giving customers a feeling of appreciation and forever becomes part of their best moments in life.


Extend your Digital
Campaigns into
the real world

As brand marketers, we strive to create strong associations between our brand and specific moments in life. With Stampix, your brand can turn millions of photo moments from consumers into tangible brand experiences.

Why choose Stampix Photo Rewards?

Whitelabel & Scalable solution.

Branded photo products are a great fit for loyalty programs and engagement campaigns thanks to their high perceived value vs. actual cost. As a data processor, Stampix ensures your brand remains at the centre during the entire customer journey.

For Loyalty
For Engagement

& Delight

Go beyond a traditional discounts e.g. on a customer’s birthday

Customer Churn

28% higher retention when customers redeem photo rewards

Boost your Net
Promoter Score

Engage your entire database to increase NPS with 30 points

Perceived Value

Personal photos are emotional, with a high value vs. effective cost

data collection

Up to 85% of participants will opt-in to hear more from your brand

your CRM

Gain customer insights through photo tags, like baby, dog, travel, etc.

Create Meaningful Connections

Extend the impact of your digital campaign into the real world

Brand Building

Personal photos become tangible and emotional brand experiences

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  • FMCG
  • Insurance
  • Telco & Energy


How customers let Cadbury do the talking for them on Mother's Day while connecting with the brand.
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