How Campina personalized their Awareness Campaign

By running a highly personal awareness campaign Campina informed and educated their audience about the importance of a balanced and varied breakfast for kids.

Campaign results


Targeted photo ads



Total offline reach



Online Organic Reach


Iconen_website_Social share

Relevance Score

30% breakfast photos

“We managed to associate our brand strongly with breakfast moments, not only in the mind of the consumer but also on his fridge, as a branded photoprint.”


– Sarah De Meester, Brand Manager Campina

Why Stampix?

Campina partnered up with Stampix
to turn user generated content (breakfast photos) into a highly personalized DM.

Target Audience

The campaign was targeted towards young Belgian mothers between 25-35 years old, native french or dutch speaking.


Campina wanted to connect with this audience in a personal, fun and non-intrusive way.

Curious about our campaign KPI’s?

Our white paper provides insight in several campaigns we did for leading industry brands.

Campaign Objectives


Inform customers about the importance of a healthy breakfast through blogs, email and fun content on social media


Print and ship over 28.000 Campina-branded photoprints


Activate customer to share their favorite breakfast moments


Generate traffic to the website

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