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Simon Tavernier indicated for 30 Under 40 List of Loyalty Royalty

Organized by the International Loyalty Awards, in their own words: “The list of 30 Under 40 is a celebration of the incredible talent emerging and flourishing in our industry. These people are the lifeblood of the loyalty industry and truly deserve the title of Loyalty Royalty. Each time we look at the entries we are blown away by the calibre of their achievements. These professionals are reinventing, transforming and recreating the global loyalty business.

Responsible for the fast rise of Stampix, Simon Tavernier, our co-founder and CEO made it to the 2020 list of finalists.

Simon in a nutshell

How does an Electromechanical Engineer end up in the Loyalty industry? The link is something we’re all passionate about: personal photos. As a third-generation in photo printing, cousins Simon & Anton founded Stampix in 2016 with a mission to make people happy with free photo prints, powered by brands. 

With his analytical mindset and engineering background, Simon has turned Stampix from a small startup into an established tech- and fulfilment platform, reliable and flexible to meet the needs of global brands focusing on personalised emotional rewards. By integrating Stampix into the Loyalty programs of EDF, L’Oréal, Unilever & Orange, Simon could demonstrate the brand-building power of those millions of branded photos, increasing NPS & scoring newsletter opt-in rates as high as 85%.

The Stampix photo rewards are a powerful tool for brand building, confirmed by their customer insights: 63% of Stampix photos are displayed within the home for 2+ years and 33% are shared with family and friends. Although the average cost per mailing is less than £2, the perceived value of the Stampix photo rewards is between £5 and £10.

Married and father of 2, Simon makes sure to inspire the whole team on the importance of a work-life balance as a driver to success.

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