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Campaign Idea
#Pets Edition

To celebrate International love your pet day, we sourced inspiration from our very own (and very cute) team pets to illustrate how your brands can leverage photo rewards in a creative way.

trust the data

According to Statista, in Europe alone, 88 million households have a least one pet.

Pets + Pictures =

If you are a pet owner yourself you will acknowledge that your camera roll is dominated by thousands of pictures of your pets, right? In fact, we snap up to 20.2 photos per day with our phone. It's undeniable that looking back at these pictures brings joy to our lives...

What if your brand could be associated with that amazing feeling by gifting consumers with pure printed joy?

If you are not familiar with Stampix solutions, in a nutshell, we help brands engage with new and existing customers through personalised photo rewards, printed and delivered to the customer's doorstep - as a gift from the brand, increasing emotional connection.

Best practices to have an engaging campaign



The first step is to let pet owners know you have a truly memorable gift for them. Expect high engagement when you schedule the communication around a key photo moment like International Dog Day.


Data Capture

Incentivized by the photo reward, consumers are happy to engage, submit their data and opt-in your brand's newsletter. The data collected can be immediately used to personalise the reward.


Personalised content

Here is where your creativity should shine. The reverse of the pictures is a unique opportunity to associate your brand with your customer's best moments.

step 1


There are many ways to offer a photo reward to your customers as a gift from your brand. It will depend on your specific needs and preferences. You can activate consumers by email, organic social media, promoted social media, influencers, push notification, or any other channel of communication you have with your customers.

No matter the activation type, it's really important to let your creativity flow and think of ways to really engage customers.

step 2

Data Capture

After being activated by your brand, customers are redirected to a fully branded microsite (hosted by Stampix), where they can upload their personal pictures and provide delivery details.

To make our campaign even more engaging, your brand can leverage the power of the extra question page in the upload flow. By asking consumers the name of their pets, for example, we can personalise the reverse of their pictures, adding a very emotional detail to it.

This is a perfect moment to ask for an opt-in for your next e-comms. Stampix opt-in rates have a 72% average.

step 3

Personalised content

The reverse of customers' pictures is a blank canvas where your brand has the opportunity to engage in a unique and personalised way at scale.

To engage with our team pet's owner, we personalised the reverse of their pictures with funny lines signed by their pets, with the names collected on the previous step.

It will guarantee a VIP place on people's fridges for sure and is highly sharable. Not to mention the happy feeling associated with the brand after that engaging experience. As inspirations, here are a few of our team's final gifts:

You can add a coupon or voucher on the back of the address card, encouraging a purchase online or at a POS.

You can link the zip code of your customer to the nearest store to visit and use the coupon.

Adding QR codes are a perfect way to measure the engagement with your content.


Key Moments

Celebrating your customers pets can be done all year long. But if you want to leverage specific key moments, we gathered 2 pet related dates that you can leverage photo rewards campaigns.

August 8, 2022

international cat day

August 8, 2022

August 26, 2022

International dog day

August 26, 2022

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