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Leave your mark on their favorite picture

Our community

Growing community of parents & millenials who want to print free photos


App users segmented via photo-tags


Ambassadors engaged to spread your message


Branded prints delivered

Brand and product managers: break through the clutter

It takes a lot of time to find new innovative ways to reach e.g. young families in a creative and unique way. We deliver your message into the kitchens, living rooms – and who knows even bedrooms – by printing your content on the backside of their personal photos.

Loyalty managers: create a campaign loved by your customers

Customers expect more from your loyalty campaign than coupons. They want a loyalty campaign that fits their lifestyle. By offering photos you add value to their lives and have an original way to create a long term relationship with your customers

CRM Manager: find the perfect match

Acquiring new customers and updating your data records for existing customers takes a lot of effort. With Stampix you can grow your database in a GDPR compliant and a fun way. Partner up with Stampix to effectively reach your target audience.

Retail Marketing Managers: Keep them coming

There’s no denying that in-store traffic is decreasing because of online sales. Reward your customers with a free photo gift when they order online. Stampix will print their photos & deliver them in your store for your customers to pick them up. More than 85 percent of customers will come by to pick them up.

Curious what Stampix can do for you?

What our clients say

Marie Van Haesendonck

Product Manager Cosmétique Active at L’Oréal

“Thanks to Stampix, La Roche-Posay could execute a high impact mailing to inform consumers about our product benefits, while stimulating POS and enriching our CRM.”

Aurore Devos

Head of Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Company

“We were able to reach the target group of young moms with 98% accuracy and raise our brand awareness. During the campaign we kept track of the effectiveness thanks to clear reporting of the KPIs.”

Our products

Our platform has the right interface for your campaign

Curious about our campaign KPIs?

Our white paper provides insight in several campaigns we did for leading industry brands.

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