Increase Brand Loyalty

Personalized & branded loyalty experiences are the new cool

Most loyalty programs today only focus on the heavy buyers and ignore the vast amount of light buyers. We believe it’s vital to reach your light buyers, as they are the key driver for brand growth.

Consistent branding elements should be included in all the touchpoints of your loyalty program to create brand value. It is important to develop a loyalty program that rewards customers with experiences that are wanted, valued and make their lives easier.

Though cases with industry leading brands such as Luminus, La Roche-Posay and KBC we developed a branded and personalized experience that solves a problem for your customers.

“Thanks to Stampix, La Roche-Posay could execute a high impact mailing to inform consumers about our product benefits, while stimulating POS and enriching our CRM.”

MARIE VAN HAESENDONCK – Product Manager Cosmétique Active at L’Oréal

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