Activation & Direct Mail 2.0

Reach a broad audience and deliver a personalized DM

Activation campaigns are important for building a positive brand perception. With all the intrusive advertising today, it is time for you to make a difference and start sending ads your customers want to receive.

Having trouble to reach millennials and young parents effectively? For each campaign we create compelling content that is aligned with your brand mission and values. Through influencers and social media we guarantee digital reach and boost engagement via their own personal photos.

We deliver your brand’s message in the most original way: through the front door, printed on personal photos of your consumer. It’s a hyper-personalized DM that is shared with friends and never thrown away.

“Our cooperation with Stampix was part of a large-scale awareness campaign on healthy breakfast. Through Stampix we could extend the digital campaign into the real world with personal photos that convey emotion around our brand.”

SARAH DE MEESTER – External Communications & PR Manager at FrieslandCampina

Curious about cases we did for FMCG brands?

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